Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm going to attempt to catch you up on my exciting life...

**Let's start with my pity party. Last Monday I started feeling like I was on a boat, even though I wasn't. The next day my ear started aching, so I went to the doctor. He confirmed I had an ear infection and gave me some antibiotics. I'm still not feeling 100% non-dizzy, but I am getting better. This is all because of my allergies. The doctor told me I had to take Claritan everyday, no matter what. Super, because that stuff makes me depressed and bloated. I rather feel like I'm on a boat thankyouverymuch.

**I really love the light fixture I chose for the sunroom. And I'm thinking the bean bags we are currently using are just fine. There really was no need to buy those swivel chairs, although I did. And thank you Berkshire Hathaway for that discount. If only I had talked David into taking advantage of it at Borsheim's too...

**Here's a recent photo of the basement. They got the windows in! Hurrah! Now the painter needs to finish and then the floors, and then the counter. Oh yeah, this project will for sure wrap up this week. (That's sarcasm). But we are getting closer. And I'm loving my new smooth ceiling.

**If you're wondering why this project is making me a little edgy, here's a peek at my laundry room. Please don't call that hoarders show. Thanks. I've already decided that what doesn't fit in the new cabinets and book shelves is outta here.

**I haven't worked on these paintings for weeks. I think this week I'm going to get back at it. Maybe that will help with my edginess.

**I did make this print last week. It's inspired by my mom, who always insists she loves us more. Oh and yes Mom, this is your mother's day present.

**This guy turned 11 on April 20th. I can't believe it. We celebrated at the cabin, and then again last Friday with Besta who was out of town on his actual birthday. Charlie and I are going to San Francisco the beginning of June for a long weekend. It was a promise I made to him several years ago. I might possibly be more excited than he is, it's been way too long since I've been out there.

**And finally here are two links:

Kasey Buick- I'm not sure if I've talked about her here or not. My good friend Miley told me about Kasey's blog a couple months ago and I just love it. It's one of about four blogs that I really read anymore. I love her spirit and she's so funny. And if you are like me and trying to lose some weight, her weight loss story is SO inspiring. Check this recent post out.

Kale Salad- I bought this today at the salad bar at Whole Foods. I didn't look at all of the ingredients and was a little scared of it being that I normally can only stomach it in a smoothy or covered in olive oil and salt. I was shocked at how good it was, so I googled it to see if anyone had made it on their own. I was very happy to find a recipe and a simple one at that. I cannot wait to make it. Might be my new summer salad. Try it.

Ok, that's it from me. Hopefully I'll blog more than once this week.

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